Thursday, December 22, 2005

Covered in cats

Last night's activity--after getting home, heating up a can of soup for dinner, then going to Target and the grocery store with Bob--was wrapping soap. I had picked up some large sheets of scrapbooking paper at the craft store over the weekend with the idea of cutting strips to wrap around the soap bars, then sealing them with a Christmas seal, and that part worked fine. I was less sure of how to label them, and ended up just writing the name on the paper strip with a Sharpie. They're not terribly attractive, but I just ran out of time. I had thought about creating some kind of a cool looking label on the computer, but at this point, handwritten Sharpie labels are better than nothing, I guess.

It ended up being terribly time-consuming--I had to cut the strips to the right length and width, then wrap them around the soap and seal them, then label them, then wrap them in tissue and then bag them, and mark on the bag who they were for. A few got placed in tins lined with tissue paper. It was kind of fun, actually, until I cut my finger with the scissors and had to go find a band-aid. Then when I was finally finished and cleaning up the kitchen, I was loading the dishwasher and stabbed myself with a fondue fork. Not badly, just enough to say to myself, "Enough! Time to go to bed."

Tonight I need to wrap a few things for John and his family--Bob's going out to see him tomorrow--and hopefully get a start on wrapping everything else. The dining room is a complete disaster, with bags and boxes and wrapping paper and mail all over the table and floor. But one way or another, it will all get done by Saturday afternoon when we go over to Bob's folks' for Christmas Eve.

The table is covered with stuff; Bob is covered with cats.

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Sharon said...

Willa, I know just what you mean about your dining room being a mess with the wrapping stuff. I used my dining room table for wrapping too and, up until last night, it was a mess. I was so glad we finished our wrapping. Last night I got everything cleaned up, finally. Yes, everything will get done by Saturday. I think it's such a nice thing that you are giving the soap you made for gifts. I'm sure the recipients will love the soap.

I hope you have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I gotta do you MAKE soap? Did you find the process on the internet or do you have a book?

Liora said...

Pye is lookin kinda camoflauged there next to Bob's shirt.

Willa said...

Yes, she's the camoflauge kitty. :)

Stefani said...

What a great way to wrap the soap! And I think the handwritten part adds to it - so the recipient knows it's hand crafted.

Love the Bob & kitties picures!