Sunday, March 25, 2007


I know it's no surprise that I tend to obsess about stuff, and to get excited about making things and buy a lot of supplies that I may or may not ever actually use. I've got a big box in the basement filled with wonderful rubberstamps, and a box of ephemera and origami paper for collage, and that's not even considering the yarn . . . Oh yeah, and the soap and the polymer clay . . .

So I could be doing that with the beading, too, but these stitch markers had only been up for sale for two days, I think, before I got a wholesale order! Not a huge one or anything (thank goodness, actually, because right now I'm just buying supplies retail), but significant enough that it makes me think I might be able to actually make some money at it. One of our friends (Kelly, who goes to Mexico with us) sells a lot of stuff that she makes on consignment and at craft fairs, so I know that it can be done.

I was ordering some supplies online the other night, and when I checked out, I saw that I had been charged sales tax. I thought, that's odd, they must be located in Kansas somewhere. I went back to the site (Auntie's Beads), and discovered that not only are they in Kansas, they're here in town! So yesterday I went there and spent a really fun hour or so looking at everything they had. I didn't buy very much, but I got a good idea of the things that they carry so I'll know where I can go when I need to.

There's also another bead store here in town (Heartland Bead Market), and I went there, too, and did basically the same thing--looked at absolutely everything. It was a fun day. Today I actually made a couple of things:

These are cell phone charms--they attach to the little loop that most cell phones have. I have several and switch them out periodically. It's something that isn't widely used, or known, I guess, but I always get compliments on mine, so I figured maybe it's something that other people would enjoy. I need to figure out how to take better pictures of them, though.

It's Spring! We've had the windows open all weekend, and the kitties are enjoying the outside air.

After I took that picture I went out and took a picture of the pear tree that's blooming in our front yard. Bradford pears are a pain, because the trees are brittle and prone to break in big stores, but they're all up and down our street, and when they're in bloom, it's breathtaking.

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Sharon said...

Willa, I'm just like you in that I tend to obsess and buy supplies for things that I may or may not use. It's funny because for the past month I have been making lots of earrings and I just recently started making stretch bracelets.

I'm planning to put them in an Etsy store soon. I'm having trouble taking good pictures of my things too, but I thought the photo of your cell phone charms was perfect. You can see the detail perfectly and they are absolutely gorgeous!

You are so lucky that you have two bead stores in your town. I think we only have one and I haven't had a chance to go there yet. So far, I've been catching the sales at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and A.C. Moore.

Have fun and I hope to see more pictures of your jewelry.