Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy July!

How did it get to be July already? Frankly, it's felt like August around here, with temperatures over 100 degrees for most of last week. It's amazing how much difference ten degrees makes, though -- I think it's around 85 or 90 here today, but people were coming back from lunch saying how beautiful it was outside. The humidity is probably lower; the 100+ degree temperatures last week were made worse by the fact that it had been raining pretty much non-stop for the previous two or three weeks, so it was pretty steamy.

And of course, the air conditioner went out during that period. We spent one night in the basement and a couple of very stressful, tense days, fueled by hope, prayer, candles and portable fans, and the air conditioner got a bandaid and, knock wood and fingers crossed, continues to work.

Speaking of rain, we got so much rain that the roof at work leaked again, although fortunately not in my office this time. Bob got a promotion at work, which, yay Bob! but that's been very stressful, too, so it's been kind of a hard month all around. I think we're going to go out to John's on Saturday to cook out and shoot fireworks, then I have a family reunion on Sunday, so hopefully we'll get some relaxation in this weekend.

I've been listing my very extensive library of back issues of knitting magazines on Ebay, many of which are out of print, so if you like that kind of thing, check it out. I've relisted some of them a second time, so if they don't sell I'll probably take them to Half Price books and get a quarter for them (and then they'll sell them for $9.00 or something), so I'd really like to avoid doing that. They're all in beautiful shape, and I kind of hate to let them go, but really, if I haven't read them in 7 years (I have some from 2002), what are the odds that I'm going to read them now?

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Jennifer Stumpf said...

happy fourth, willa! hope you get some down time in this weekend. everyone i know, including me and my husband, have had total stress the last month or so. good luck with your knitting magazines. i believe my collection goes back farther than that, plus rubber stamp, crochet, mixed media, art mags galore. i am a hoarder. congrats to bob, too!

Liora said...

Maybe a batch sale of several mags would work if singly they don't go? Good luck. I like to think of what that extra money is worth. It all adds up! $18 can buy a dinner for two or...