Friday, January 12, 2007


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Three weeks from tonight we'll be in Mexico. I can't wait! Especially since it's turned cold here and I had to fight my way home. We got sleet or freezing rain or something, and I left the office at 4:00. It normally takes me less than a half hour to get home, but tonight it took over an hour. The highway wasn't really bad at all, but it was about 5 MPH all the way. I wouldn't have wanted to slam on my brakes--it was slick--but I think we could have gone a little faster.

I have to get up very early in the morning and take Dinah to the vet at 7:30. Bob's off work tomorrow, so he said he'd get up and go with me, then take me out to breakfast, then go buy him some new jeans for work. Then at 11:30 I have an appointment to get my eyes examined and get new glasses. I've needed them for awhile, but it's one of those things that I keep putting off. But it's one of my resolutions, so I bit the bullet.

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