Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Insect parts

Bob was off yesterday and today, so we took advantage of it and went out to dinner last night when I got home. We went to Jason's, and it was just nice to sit down at a table across from each other and talk. Afterwards, we took a little drive, and drove by the water retention basin to check on the swans. They weren't in the pond where we've normally seen them, but Bob had figured out that there is a tunnel underneath the street that leads to another pond on the other side, in an office park. So we drove by there, and there were four of them swimming around over there.

When we got home, Bob went upstairs to his office to watch Casino Royale, which he had rented earlier in the day. I put The Incredibles in my computer, and sat down at the table and made cell phone charms. I've been really enjoying making things with my beads, laying them out and figuring out what looks best together, what works and what doesn't. I made four of them--one with purple stones and beads, one with topaz colors, and one black, white and silver. And another turquoise dragonfly one for myself, because I loved it so much.

When I was ordering charms the other night, I noticed that I was ordering a lot of insect parts. I got the shipping confirmations last night, and yup, a lot of insect parts:

2 Acorn Antique Pewter Charm
2 Fancy Fly Antique Pewter Charm
4 Fly Charm
1 Flying Cicada Antique Pewter Charm
2 Leaf Antique Pewter Charm
2 Mini Spiral Goddess Antique Pewter Charm
2 Pine Cone Antique Pewter Charm
2 Spiral Goddess Antique Pewter Charm

Also pinecones and leaves and acorns.

2 Pewter Dragonfly WIngs
1 Pewter Small Honeybee
2 Pewter Spiral Butterfly
1 Thai Hill Tribe Silver Bee
1 Thai Hill Tribe Silver Heart

A lot of natural stuff. I like sparkly things, too, but I'm mostly attracted to things that are (or look) organic. Almost everything I've been making lately is antique silver, with polished stones, and when I use glass or plastic beads, they're mostly pretty organic looking, too. Anyway, I'm having a lot of fun with it. I'm going to have to order a bunch more dragonfly wings, I really love them.

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