Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The power of love

How cool is this? I'm sitting in my chair in the dining room--the green velvet upholstered chair in the corner--and writing a journal entry. Not only am I writing it, I'm writing it in Blogger, and when I'm finished I'll hit "publish," and it will be immediately published. And should I feel so inclined, I could pick up and go into the living room and watch television and continue to blog because I bought an iBook yesterday! And it's here today!

I've wanted one forever, of course, but just didn't feel like I could justify it. Then a day or so ago, when I was on, I noticed that they were offering a $100 rebate on the smallest iBook--the one that I wanted--and I figured well, I could write it off on my taxes since I use it for my business, and if I buy it before the end of the year that would make sense, and I just went ahead and did it.

The reason it's here today is that I splurged on one-day shipping. I really didn't need one day shipping, and honestly, it wasn't because I'm obsessive or anything, it was so I could insure that they wouldn't send it in the mail and would have to send it Fed Ex (or UPS overnight, which is what they did). The postman that delivers mail to our office won't deliver packages. We don't know exactly why, but he never even attempts to deliver them, he just puts a slip in the box and we have to go to the post office to pick them up. I had to do that this morning to pick up another package from Amazon that I had ordered (the complete [only] season of Firefly for Bob's anniversary gift). And frankly, I just wanted to avoid having to mess around with it in this case.

Two day shipping was $26, and one day shipping was another $15, and I just thought, what the heck. Live a little. So it came today and I charged it up at work, and here I am, back in my comfortable chair with the laptop on my actual lap.

I won't be using it for everything, because of course I still have my wonderful eMac with the huge, clear screen, but this will give me some options. It came with Airport already installed, so since we had Roadrunner install a wireless network for Bob, all had to do was turn it on, and I'm online, and I can get on the wireless network at work, too, and, like I told Bob, I can get on the various wireless networks that they have everywhere now--Starbucks, Panera Bread, Borders--so if I'm so inclined, I could check my email or blog or whatever from practically anywhere. How cool is this? Very cool.

I've been listening to the audio version of Anansi Boys in the car, and I finished it tonight on the way home. I won't spoil it for anyone that might be planning on reading it, but something happens toward the end where a song is mentioned, and I started to cry. It's not just the song, of course, but the feeling and meaning behind it, but it made me think how affected I am by music.

Misty and Sam have several friends who are musicians, and they played and sang at the wedding. (Several of them are in a band called Joe's Pet Project. Misty sent me a copy of the ceremony ahead of time, and when I saw that the ceremony was ending with someone singing, "The Power of Love," it made me choke up, and I honestly have no idea why. But every time I thought of it, it almost made me cry. All of their musical choices were wonderful--Ben Harper's "Forever," the Indigo Girls' "Mystery," The Nields' "One Hundred Names." An East Mountain South song--"So You Are to Me." And after the ceremony, when they were married, they danced back up the aisle to "Concrete and Clay." And just thinking about them dancing, with such light in their faces, makes me feel like crying again. But then when Scott--who performed the wedding ceremony--broke into "The Power of Love," it just made me want to laugh and grin and cry at the same time.

So amazing. The power of music. And the power of love.

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