Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Herbal animals

I got quite a few emails and comments asking about Thumper the Aromatherapy Rabbit, i.e., where I bought him and if I knew if they were still available. I've actually got two of the little guys--one brown and one gray.

I bought them several years ago, and I can't really remember where, but I think it was either Bed, Bath & Beyond, or Marshall's. I couldn't find the exact one online (mine are filled with lavender), but these are obviously the same product: Animal Shaped Eye Pillows. They're really well made, and are so soft. I've never really used mine for their intended purpose, as eye pillows--I just like to hold them. Their floppy bulk is very soothing.

And oh my gosh! I was just looking at their other products, and they have little nightshirts for them! How cute!

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