Thursday, September 14, 2006

Trying their wings

Today was fun. I almost always have fun at work -- I love the people I work with, and I love my job -- but today I noticed at the end of the day that I felt like I'd laughed a lot, and that's always nice. It had been a pretty quiet day, several people were gone, and it was quiet, everyone was sitting with their headphones on, working away. Then Dave took the dogs out at lunchtime, and as soon as he got outside, he called and said that the Blue Angels were practicing, and we all rushed outside.

They were buzzing downtown, mostly just flying, but occasionally doing a roll or something (I don't know anything about it). A couple of times they flew over really low, and you could read the writing on the plans. Very cool, very exhilarating. The guys went up to the roof, but I declined -- before we moved into the building, we took a tour, and there's a pull-down stairway up to kind of a crow's nest on the roof; I'm not really afraid of heights, but I don't like open staircases or ladders, so I just stayed outside in the back for awhile. Someone said that there's an air show this weekend, and I guess they were just trying their wings.

It was a beautiful day! A little breezy and cool, but the sun was out, and felt hot on my face. It felt nice to stand outside and look up into the sky.

Pretty soon Dave came back with the dogs, and he stood out there with me for awhile. The dogs were very good, and stayed on the dock, mostly.

Then, of course, Jojo decided she needed to come out with us and explore, and Dave pulled her onto his lap.

She is such a sweet dog. Very mellow (I imagine Dave would disagree, he says she's a terror in the evenings), very calm, hardly ever barks. When she gets sleepy she will go and get in her crate all by herself, which I think is kind of amazing. Simon is in charge of her, and he doesn't let her get very far away. He doesn't let Dave get very far away, either.

Dave was getting ready to leave tonight, and Simon was over at Jeff's desk getting his ears scratched, and he didn't notice. So Dave played a trick on him, and hid in the kitchen with Jojo. When Simon surfaced, he looked around and didn't see Dave or Jojo, and started to panic. He rushed around and checked every office, checked all the doors, checked the bathroom. What was surprising to us was that he apparently couldn't smell Dave or Jojo -- he must operate on sight and hearing, I guess. Anyway, after a few minutes Dave stood up and called him, and he was so relieved! Simon was worried -- he couldn't do his job.

Cello got me two new flat panel monitors, and I switched them out yesterday. So much more desk space! And they make my office look a lot larger.

Back view, showing the beautiful newly-painted blue wall:

I guess I should have cleaned off my desk first. These are just phonecam photos anyway; maybe tomorrow I'll take some real pictures. Kurt said he was going to bring his camera tomorrow--the Blue Angels are supposed to be practicing again--so maybe I will, too. He's a real photographer, and I just take snapshots, but it might be fun anyway.

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