Saturday, December 22, 2007

And more weather

It's winter in Kansas, after all.

I always have good intentions about starting Christmas preparations early, and generally never get much of anything done early, but this year, I really almost totally blew everything off until this weekend. I went shopping last weekend and got some stuff, but I knew I still had this weekend, so I wasn't too worried about it.

We had our office Christmas luncheon yesterday (at Morton's in Crown Center, if you're familiar with it), which was lovely, then I went back to the office to finish up a couple of things, make sure I was in good shape to be gone for four days. Dave and Kurt came back to get their stuff before heading home, and Kurt walked out to my car with me. We were talking about our weekend plans, and he said that there was bad weather coming this weekend, that I'd better be careful, but it's so seldom that the weather people are right that I hardly ever pay attention anymore.

He said it was supposed to sleet, then snow, and he had heard predictions of anywhere from two to five inches.

Bob was going in to work at noon today, and I didn't have any intention of going out before that. I guess it started sleeting around 10:30 or so. He left shortly thereafter, going in a little bit early, and I messed around on the computer for awhile, then went upstairs to get dressed sometime around noon. I went to Kohl's, and Target, and Wal Mart (Wal Mart only because Bob had asked me to get something from there, but I ended up wandering around and buying paper products and bubble bath, too). As the day went on, the streets got slicker, but it never really snowed, just spit sleet all day, little sharp pieces of ice hitting the windshield. I scraped the windows two or three times after the car had been sitting in the parking lot.

Around 4:00 or so, I was tired, and decided to come home. I need to regroup, figure out what I have, and what I need, and as long as we don't get a snowstorm tonight, I'll go back out tomorrow. I came home, ate a bagel with cream cheese, took a hot bath to warm up, and am in for the night. Bob won't be home until around 11:00, probably; last night he went out for a beer after work with a friend, and got home at 1:00, after I'd been asleep for about three hours. He said he's coming right home tonight, because he has to go in early.

He was off on Wednesday, and he got the Christmas tree, and he put lights on it; we'll decorate it tomorrow night, I think, because he's going in to work at 9:00 a.m. and will get home around 6:00, hopefully. We always have a little "feast" the night we decorate the tree--usually fondue, but he's getting a cold and said that probably wasn't the best thing for him to eat. So he asked me to make chili. We'll have chili and play Christmas music or watch a Christmas movie or something--surely something good will be on on Sunday night before Christmas, then I'll probably wrap presents. "Home Alone" is on right now in the background, one of my favorites.

My UPS keeps beeping and telling me that I'm running on battery power, and should save everything and shut down. I get that little surprising spurt of adrenaline, and save everything, then everything seems to be okay for another ten or fifteen minutes. I suppose we're getting little power surges or something; hopefully we won't lose power tonight. But I guess I'd better save everything and shut down just in case.

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