Saturday, August 13, 2005


It started raining hard last night as I was driving home--one minute it was just sprinkling, and the next there was thunder and lightning and rain so heavy that I thought I was going to have to pull off the highway and wait it out, except that it was raining so hard that I was afraid to try to change lanes. It was coming down so fast that it didn't have time to go anywhere, so I was also driving through huge puddles, afraid that I'd hydroplane, or that the water would get up into the engine and flood the car.

But nothing happened, and I got home safely. I went out again to pick up Chinese food, and the sky looked like this:

It's been raining pretty much non-stop today, too. It was sunny in the morning, but by the time I decided to leave the house, around noon, it had clouded up and started sprinkling. I stopped at Panera Bread for something to eat, and while I was in there it started raining about as hard as it had last night, so hard that if I had walked outside to get to the car, I would have been drenched. I got a cookie and another cup of tea and waited it out, then dashed to the car when there was a short break in the rain.

The next stop was the bookstore, and I ended up staying in there longer than I had intended, too, because the clouds opened up again and I didn't feel like splashing my way to the car, although this time I did take the umbrella in.

So I really didn't get much done, but I didn't have much on my list anyway, so it worked out okay.

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