Friday, December 12, 2008

Advent Calendar - Day 12

I spent my evening last night making prayer beads, and photographed them this morning and put them up in my Etsy shop. I haven't really done any jewelry making since before I had the surgery on my hand. I've really wanted to get back into it, but I've been so busy lately that it's been hard to find the time. It was really too late last night, but it felt nice to get out the boxes of beads and findings and actually make something.

Someone pointed out that in the Advent Calendar for Day 11, I asked for your "mailing list," but I really meant "mailing address." Sorry about that. Fixed now!

Check the Advent calendar for this week. Last week's is still up, also.

Click the thumbnail above to go to the Advent Calendar page. Once there, click on the number corresponding to the day of the month. Some of the days will have details on little contests or drawings, so check each day for a special note.

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