Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More waiting

A week or so ago Bob felt a small mass in Pyewacket's throat underneath her jaw. If he's home, she's basically always on his lap, so as he says, he "knows every inch of her." I had already made an appointment with the vet to take Dinah in on Saturday, and if I had wanted to take both of them in at the same time, I would have had to take them at 7:00, because that was the only opening they had available. So I made an appointment to take Pye in next Saturday.

But Bob was worried about her, and didn't want to wait, so I called yesterday to see if I could bring her in sooner. Bob is off on Wednesday, so he asked me to see if I could get her in on Wednesday, and he'd take her. But they had an opening today, so we took her in first thing this morning. Bob didn't have to go to work until 2:00, so we both went.

Our usual vet isn't taking regular appointments anymore, he only does dental cases, so we saw a new vet. He took some blood and aspirated the lump, and came back to say that from his initial look, he thinks it's probably lymphoma. He said that the lump was a swollen lymph node, and that he could feel the lymph nodes on other parts of her body, nodes that you normally can't feel, which means that it's probably spread.

He sent the samples off for tests, which will be back in a couple of days (they ordered a full spectrum of tests in case it's something else, like thyroid), and he'll call and let me know what they find. Bob has already decided that we're not spending a fortune on her; just the tests today were over $300.

I suppose there's a possibility that it's something else; we'll just have to wait and see.

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