Sunday, March 25, 2007


I know it's no surprise that I tend to obsess about stuff, and to get excited about making things and buy a lot of supplies that I may or may not ever actually use. I've got a big box in the basement filled with wonderful rubberstamps, and a box of ephemera and origami paper for collage, and that's not even considering the yarn . . . Oh yeah, and the soap and the polymer clay . . .

So I could be doing that with the beading, too, but these stitch markers had only been up for sale for two days, I think, before I got a wholesale order! Not a huge one or anything (thank goodness, actually, because right now I'm just buying supplies retail), but significant enough that it makes me think I might be able to actually make some money at it. One of our friends (Kelly, who goes to Mexico with us) sells a lot of stuff that she makes on consignment and at craft fairs, so I know that it can be done.

I was ordering some supplies online the other night, and when I checked out, I saw that I had been charged sales tax. I thought, that's odd, they must be located in Kansas somewhere. I went back to the site (Auntie's Beads), and discovered that not only are they in Kansas, they're here in town! So yesterday I went there and spent a really fun hour or so looking at everything they had. I didn't buy very much, but I got a good idea of the things that they carry so I'll know where I can go when I need to.

There's also another bead store here in town (Heartland Bead Market), and I went there, too, and did basically the same thing--looked at absolutely everything. It was a fun day. Today I actually made a couple of things:

These are cell phone charms--they attach to the little loop that most cell phones have. I have several and switch them out periodically. It's something that isn't widely used, or known, I guess, but I always get compliments on mine, so I figured maybe it's something that other people would enjoy. I need to figure out how to take better pictures of them, though.

It's Spring! We've had the windows open all weekend, and the kitties are enjoying the outside air.

After I took that picture I went out and took a picture of the pear tree that's blooming in our front yard. Bradford pears are a pain, because the trees are brittle and prone to break in big stores, but they're all up and down our street, and when they're in bloom, it's breathtaking.

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