Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I can't remember if I ever talked about my fish at the office. One of the guys had a small fishtank with a beta, and I admired it, and told him that I was jealous that he had a fish. That day, he went out to lunch and came back with a fishbowl and a beta for me! Unlike most betas that I've seen, he wasn't purple or black, but gold. I hadn't had fish for a long time, and I really enjoyed watching him.

I know you're not supposed to put two male betas together--they're not called Siamese Fighting Fish for nothing!--but the other guy (Dave) had several other little fish in his tank, a couple of neon tetras and a few others, and they seemed to be fine, so one day last week he came in after lunch with two little neon tetras for me! And a filtration kit for my fishbowl because while the beta is fine in a small bowl (they are found in stagnant pools of water in the wild), the other fish would need filtered water.

So anyway, I had cleaned the bowl and put the two little fish in, and the beta chased them for a little while, then I looked over and he had one of them in his mouth! I rushed over and made him drop it, but the little guy never recovered, and died later that day. The remaining one was kind of hiding behind a plant, but everything seemed fine. But the next morning when I came to work, the second tetra was dead. So, okay, not such a good idea, apparently.

But then, Monday when I came to work, the beta was dead! There were a lot of different theories as to why, but of course no one really knows. It's very sad now, I just have an empty fish bowl, but my friend Anna is going to bring me her tank with some guppies, so I have that going for me.

There are another half dozen or so new pieces up at the Etsy shop, including a necklace. I had made two similar ones for one of the guys at work to choose from for a gift for his mother, and he chose the other one, so the second one is up for sale now, along with a few more pairs of earrings.

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