Friday, September 09, 2005

Summer, winding down

I can hardly believe it's September already. I feel like I kind of wasted the summer, although it seems like I feel that way every summer.

It's hard to take vacation when you work for such a small company as I do anyway, but this summer I didn't take any time off. We've been incredibly busy, and while it has ebbed and flowed a bit, the past couple of weeks have been busy without any let-up at all.

A friend wrote yesterday and said he hadn't heard much from me, and wondered if everything was okay, and I said yes, I was just busy and tired. I've been working a little later than usual most nights, and by the time I get home and eat something for dinner, it's generally almost time to go to bed.

Also (not that this has anything to do with not writing), I strained my back Tuesday morning, I think, so I haven't been sleeping well (because every time I want to turn over, I wake up fully because it's painful), thus making me even more tired. The restless leg thing hasn't been bothering me too much, unless a pain in the front of my calf is related. I certainly haven't been walking enough to have shin splints . .

Boy, that sounds whiny, doesn't it? I absolutely love my job, and wouldn't want to do anything else, and of course it's better to be busy than not. I'm sure once things settle down a bit (if they do), I'll be longing for the days when I was busy non-stop . . .

Speaking of restless legs, several people wrote with their remedies, folk and otherwise. One woman wrote that she gets up and sleeps on the couch, and another wrote that her mother used to tie a scarf or long sock around her calf. The weirdest one was also one I had heard before -- to put a bar of soap under the sheet. My mother suffers from restless legs and leg cramps much worse than I do, and she had called and laughed about the bar of soap trick, even going so far as to say that the person who told her said that it needed to be a certain kind of soap. Irish Spring, maybe? I can't remember now, because of course it sounds so ludicrous. I'll have to ask her if she tried it. ;)

Bob's away this weekend on a road trip to do some hunting and fishing, so I'm going to try to devote a lot of the weekend to sleeping. I more or less did that last weekend, too, but I figure there's nothing wrong with catching up, if that's what I need to do. I also thought I might rent some movies, which I hardly ever do. Having a couple of movies to watch might allow me to finish my sweater. I'm getting very close to finishing it -- just a couple of dozen rounds, probably on the last sleeve. Then I can start on a sweater for Betsy, Bob's parents' Boston terrier.

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