Saturday, May 19, 2007

Photo Shoot

Liora left a comment the other day about buying semi-precious stones, and how I wanted to be sure to have a record of what I was buying. I took some pictures of my organizational system, and though I'd post them. I know probably Stefani would be interested. :) (Click each picture for a larger version.)

I have five clear plastic storage boxes that I bought at the craft store. I bought mine at Michael's, but all the craft stores have similar ones. I like these because the bottoms of the compartments are rounded rather than square, which makes it easier to get the beads out.

I have one that is filled with only semi-precious stones:

One has mostly metal beads, and some crystals:

This one is mostly glass:

This one is a lot of miscellaneous stuff -- some metal, some stones, some glass, some vintage plastic:

This one has some stones, but is mostly charms and findings (ear wires, headpins and eyepins, jump rings, etc.:

This small box holds twelve different colors of seed beads, each in their own little screw-top container:

Sometimes I work at the dining room table, but I usually work at my desk. I stack the bead boxes on the ottoman underneath.

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