Wednesday, June 13, 2007


One of my knees has been bothering me for a couple of weeks. Okay, probably more like a month. It feels like I twisted it, but I don't have any memory of doing anything specific. If I did, it wasn't significant enough to remember. I kept thinking it would get better, but it just wasn't, so I looked up an orthopedic doctor on my insurance company's website and called them yesterday. She got me in yesterday afternoon, surprisingly, and I went in and filled out a TON of paperwork--more than I ever remember filling out at any other doctor's office--took some x-rays, and met with a doctor.

He said he thought it was probably either bursitis or tendinitis, gave me a prescription for a heavy-duty anti-inflammatory, and said told me to go upstairs to a physical therapy office and make an appointment for an evaluation. If it's an inflammation, I'm not sure why I would need physical therapy, but I didn't think to ask that until after I had left the office. If the prescription works, I'm not sure there would be any point to therapy. To strengthen it, I guess. I don't know. They couldn't get me in until Monday, so I figure I'll make a decision later in the week, and either keep the appointment or call the doctor and ask if he thinks I still need it, assuming my knee feels better by then.

Bob's on his annual fishing trip this week, so it's kind of weird around here. I don't really mind being by myself; what I really miss is being able to talk to him several times a day. He can't get a cellular signal where they're staying, but he's come "into town" a couple of times to get supplies, and called me. He called on Monday, and he called today, but he said that's probably the last time I'll hear from him until they start back on Sunday. I forgot to tell him that I went to the doctor yesterday. Not that it matters, I just don't like not being able to call him up. I miss him, and so do the cats.

Although they don't necessarily show it.

I finished up a redesign of Barbara Bretton's site over the weekend:

Barbara is a knitter, and I was thrilled to find the image of the ball of pink yarn trailing a heart. It was kind of difficult to put together, though, but I finally did, and I'm really pleased with it.

I keep forgetting to mention that Jennifer Stumpf sent me a pair of her wonderful earrings--that she made especially for me--a couple of weeks ago. I really love them--aren't they beautiful?

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