Friday, December 02, 2005

Good luck

Bob cleaned the oven yesterday. It needed it anyway, but one night last weekend while he was gone I cooked a frozen pizza directly on the rack without a cookie sheet or anything under it, and it dripped cheese onto the bottom of the oven, and it was really bad. He also cooked my dinner--salmon with spinach and cheese--and left it in the refrigerator for me to heat up (he was going to be out last night, attending a basketball game that the daughter of a friend was playing in).

When I got home last night I pulled the fish out of the refrigerator and heated it up in the microwave, and heated up some broccoli, and took my plate into the dining room. He had set a place for me with a placemat and silverware, and there was a four-leaf clover encased in acetate sitting on the placemat.

I thought: he not only cooks me dinner when he's not even home, he cleans the oven, and he goes out and gets me a good luck charm! Or, I thought, maybe his father had it and gave it to him for me--that sounded like something he would do. So when he called me later, I said, "You left me a four-leaf clover!" and he said that he had found it under the kitchen sink when he was getting out cleaning supplies.

So . . . I have no idea.

He said he thought maybe my dad had left it for me there. My dad has worked on the pipes under the sink, but it's been years. I suppose I must have found it years ago and pressed it between the adhesive acetate sheets, but I don't remember it. And why under the sink?? That's the weird one. I don't want to get too fanciful, but somehow it was left there for Bob to find and to leave for me on a day when good luck was something that I desperately needed.

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