Wednesday, May 18, 2005


I like my horoscope for the coming week:

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): It's the beginning of the upside-down and backwards time of year for you, Sagittarius. As long as you cooperate with the unusual flow of fate, you will thrive. Here are some exercises to get you in the proper frame of mind: Picture yourself having the body of the opposite gender. Hold a pen with your non-dominant hand as you write about your taboo fantasies. Gaze at yourself in a mirror that reflects your image from another mirror. Consider the possibility that there's something you really need but you don't know what it is. Make up a dream in which you change into an animal. Compose a prayer in which you ask for something you think you're not supposed to.

~ Freewill Astrology

I'm enjoying having a new car. There wasn't anything wrong with the old one, so it was kind of annoying to have to get rid of it, but it's always fun to have something new. It kind of shakes things up to have something different, with different buttons and knobs and things to learn and figure out.

The CD changer is kind of weird. It's a six-CD changer, but it's in the dash, so you feed the CDs in one by one and there are all kinds of mechanical gyrations going on behind that scenes. Bob said, "That sounds like a recipe for disaster" when I showed him how it works. But I've got a good warranty, so if it breaks down, it shouldn't be a problem getting it fixed.

The moonroof* is nicer than the one in the Escort, too. In the Escort, when I had the moonroof open, if I was driving on the highway, my hair would fly up and get caught in the mechanism, and sometimes pick up grease. Ick. So I tended not to use it unless I was just driving around town. With this one, my hair still flies up, of course, but there isn't anything for it to get caught in. It slides back smoothly . . . okay, as I write that, I'm wondering how it actually works. I think it must slide into a panel inside the car, above the headliner. Hm. In the Escort, it folded up over the top of the car, but not in this one. I guess they figured out a better way. Cool.


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