Sunday, June 24, 2012

Loon Lake

I discovered Victoria Houston's "Loon Lake" mystery series a week or so ago, and have been devouring them. I just finished the fourth one and started the fifth.

The books are set in a small town in Wisconsin, and center around a female police chief and a retired, widowed dentist, their families and neighbors. Like the protagonist of most cozy mysteries, the doctor finds way more dead bodies than one would expect. The doctor and the police chief have a slow sometime-romance, and the doctor has a nutty, yet philosophical, neighbor.

They also do a lot of fishing. I know enough about fishing to recognize the terminology, even if I don't do it myself, and the area she describes sounds much like a lot of the fishing spots I've been to with Bob. Also, they're set in an area close to where he fishes in Minnesota once a year.

I'm enjoying them a lot, but they're really making me want to live at the lake . . .
  1. Dead Angler
  2. Dead Creek
  3. Dead Water
  4. Dead Frenzy
  5. Dead Hot Mama
  6. Dead Jitterbug
  7. Dead Boogie
  8. Dead Madonna
  9. Dead Hot Shot
  10. Dead Renegade
  11. Dead Deceiver
  12. Dead Tease