Friday, December 04, 2015

Six of Cups

Card of the Day: Six of Cups

This (and all the cards this month) is from the Ceccoli Tarot.

From the LWB: "Look into your deepest memories to remember who you are and what makes you happy. Let others help you find yourself again.

Key concepts: Revisiting the past, childhood memories, forgiveness.

The traditional Six of Cups card shows two children playing, with a castle (their home) in the background.


It is a truism that there is violence, anger and mean-spiritedness in the world. Certainly there is enough of this, but there is also much good will and caring. A mother hands a drink to her child. A friend lends his car for the weekend. A worker fills in for a sick colleague. Small gestures, barely noticed, but so important. The Six of Cups is a card of simple goodness. It encourages you to be kind, generous and forgiving.

The Six of Cups also represents innocence - a word with many shades of meaning. You can be innocent in the strictly legal sense of lack of guilt. You can be innocent of the truth - unaware of some secret. You can be lacking in deceit or corruption - innocent of ulterior motive. Finally, you can be virtuous or chaste. These are all possibilities that can apply to the Six of Cups, depending on the situation.

In readings, this card can represent a child, children, or childhood, or the qualities associated with childhood, i.e., innocence, playfulness, sweetness, feeling safe and/or secure.