Tuesday, December 18, 2007


The ice turned out to be nothing, at least here. I know they had terrible ice storms all over the Midwest, and a few people here lost power briefly, but the huge ice storm that all the weather people were warning us about never happened. In fact, it's been pretty mild ever since then, too. We got some snow last weekend, and it as a little slick, but nothing major. Hopefully we'll continue to be lucky in that regard.

I'd been going back and forth over whether to send the guys at work a link to my Etsy shop; something at our weekly staff meeting prompted me to, though. I can't remember what, although maybe it was just talking about what I did over the weekend. A couple of people bought things, six pieces all told. Not a lot, but that's okay. I was just kind of glad to have people see what I do.

Last night I was making a few pairs of earrings to supplement my inventory, and I was thinking about how some of the larger employers around town occasionally bring in vendors who set up in the lobby for a few hours so employees can "shop" on their lunch hours. It's too late for me for that now, but I think I'll look into it after the first of the year. I don't know exactly what's involved, but it might be worthwhile.

Up 'til now I've mostly been making the earrings one pair at a time, but last weekend I started making two at a time, so when someone buys something, if I have another one, I can immediately relist it. Of course, everything is dependent on having the raw materials at hand, but even with the things that are readily available, I don't think I want to make the same things over and over forever.

I kind of like having most of my stuff be either one-of-a-kind or a somewhat "limited edition." All of the ones with stones are individual, anyway, since none of the stones looks exactly alike.

I also have to figure out at what point I can start thinking of my business in terms of ordering wholesale. Right now I don't think I can justify it, but I placed a couple of large orders over the weekend for earwires, or what I thought were large orders--I used up most of them this week. But anyway, if the ones I made don't sell, I can always take them apart and make something else. The only thing that would be sacrificed would be the headpins. Plain ones are cheap, so they're no real loss, but I've been using more expensive, fancy Bali ones lately.

I guess I'll figure it all out eventually. It all seems to be working out pretty well lately, anyway.

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