Sunday, December 07, 2008

Advent Calendar - 5, 6, 7

This year I've been thinking about gifts that are "consumable," i.e., that get used up, or re-used. A couple of years ago I made homemade soap; last year I knitted quite a few scarves. I've always tried to make a least some of my Christmas gifts. It's hard, working full time and doing that. Of course, I could have started months ago, but I'm never very good at doing that.

I remember several years running when I tried to at least make something for my parents; there's a crocheted wreath that my mom brings out every year, and a big plaster candle holder that I painted for her. Of course, years after the fact I'm a little embarrassed by those homemade things, but I know that, just like when I made an ashtray in kindergarten, my parents would love anything that I made, no matter how clumsily.

When I got my hair cut on Saturday, my hairdresser suggested a book of family recipes, and that would be a really good idea. I'm sure that my sisters would appreciate it. I'm going to think about that. I probably won't do it this year, but it's a good idea.

The Advent calendar has been updated!

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