Friday, February 16, 2007

More books!

When I wrote about Mexico the other day, I meant to post these pictures, too, to show what we came home to:

It's supposed to warm up to the 40s and 50s this week, though, so there is hope for Spring yet!

I've been concerned that Dinah might have a urinary tract infection or something, since she's been "urinating inappropriately." Frankly, it's probably psychological, but I don't like to assume that, so I dropped her off at the vet this morning so he could check her out. They called mid-morning to say that they had been able to get a urine sample, had sent it to the lab, but were going to go ahead and start her on antibiotics anyway, and I could pick her up any time.

I had planned on leaving work at around 5:00, since they close at 5:30, but then I remembered that the highway is torn up and I have to kind of wind around downtown before I can catch the highway again after the roadwork, so I thought I'd leave at 4:45. Then Cello's mom, who had left the office mid-afternoon, called at about 4:30 and said that if I wanted to get out to Overland Park by 5:30, I'd better leave now, since it had started snowing pretty heavily the traffic was a mess.

So I grabbed up my stuff and ran out, and it was spitting snow and little pieces of ice -- not good. I was still downtown at 5:00, and I knew there was no way I was going to get home by 5:30. I thought there might be a miracle, though, so I waited until 5:15 to call the vet and tell them that I wouldn't be able to get there. I asked if they could keep her overnight, and I'd pick her up Saturday morning, and they said of course, no problem.

It took me a little over two hours to get home. I suppose it was good I left early anyway, although I wouldn't have if I hadn't thought I might be able to get Dinah. When I picked her up Saturday morning, they said that she had been the only "patient" in the hospital, so she spent the night there all alone. I suppose that was probably best; I'd been thinking she'd be in there with a bunch of barking dogs, so I guess solitude was better.

Now I have the joy of shooting liquid antibiotic medicine into her mouth twice a day. We both love that.

I read five books last week.

When I was packing, I originally had a book in my carryon, and two in my suitcase, but as the suitcase got more and more stuffed, I took out one of the books, figuring that I probably wouldn't be reading that much, anyway. I started the first book, Accidental Happiness, by Jane Reynolds Page, at the airport Friday morning waiting for the plane. After that, I started reading Salem Falls, by Jodi Picoult, the book I had packed in my suitcase, and about halfway through it I started worrying about whether it was going to last all week or not. I figured I might be able to string it out, but I knew it wouldn't last the whole week. I still had several days left, including a long travel day on planes and in airports, and I was worried about what I was going to do. I went down to the hotel gift shop, and they had a few books there, but none that I wanted to read, or that I hadn't already read.

By Tuesday, I'd finished Salem Falls. I went down to the gift shop again, looked through the selection, and decided to buy Killer Instinct. I'd read Joseph Finder before, and while he isn't one of my favorite writers, I figured it would get me through a couple of days, which it did. By then it was Thursday, and I was out of stuff to read again, and I still had to make it home.

I had noticed that on the fireplace in the hotel lobby, there was a stack of used books that travelers had apparently left. It's a nice idea -- leave a paperback or two for someone else to read, and you don't have to lug it back home.

I went through the books and chose Turning Angel, by Greg Iles, one that I'd been interested in reading, but not interested enough to buy. It wasn't bad, and it got me as far as the Denver airport, which had a real bookstore. Such a relief! I bought Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper, and read it at the airport, on the plane ride home, and finished it up on Saturday afternoon at home.

So I figure I need to take about four books with me next time. While we spent a lot of time playing cards, eating meals, and splashing around in the pool, there was also a lot of time lying on the beach and lounging around, and it was so nice just to be able to read and relax and basically do nothing most of the time. We had a great time. I can't wait until next year!

Kelly sent me a CD of her pictures from the trip -- I think she took better pictures than I did. She had a new camera and was taking a lot of pictures of the cacti and flowers, and the sky. John must have taken this one, because he's the only one who isn't in the pool. Quite a contrast from the ones at the top of the page! Oh -- and that (the picture) reminds me -- one day I was out by the pool, and one of those leathery women walked by, you know the ones, who look like their skin has been cured . . . she looked at me and said, "You're so white! You must be new!"

Clockwise from bottom left: me, Kelly, Leslie, Craig, Bob.

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