Sunday, June 04, 2006

Long week

The last couple of weeks have been . . . interesting. The week before last was mostly cleaning, trying to keep getting the new place in order to move in. I, of course, didn't do much of the heavy stuff, but I was there for part of it, and did some cleaning of the kitchen, and quite a bit of packing at the old place. And working, too.

Then the long holiday weekend, which I don't really even remember. Bob went to a graduation party for a friend's daughter, and I stayed home and worked on some freelance stuff and did housework and rested, mostly.

We moved on Tuesday. I spent most of Tuesday morning standing in the elevator holding the "door open" button, since someone else in the building found out that propping the elevator door open breaks it, and we didn't want to break the elevator on our last day. So I'd hold the button while the guys loaded the elevator, then I'd take it downstairs and hold the button while they unloaded it, then we'd go back up . . . Lather, rinse, repeat.

Then we ordered in pizza, had lunch sitting around the conference tables out in the middle of the floor, then I drove back out to my neck of the woods for a five hour meeting with a client.

On Tuesday I went to work and spent most of the day setting up my office. Dave built my desk for me, and carried my monitors and file cabinet around, and I manhandled (woman-handled?) the bookcase and the computers, and crawled around under the desk connecting up all the cables, and wonder of wonders, it worked! The whole key was that I have a wireless card in my Mac. The PC wasn't so lucky. We were going to install a wireless card in it, but apparently the CD drive has died, so we couldn't install the software, and it wouldn't recognize an external drive that we had, so it's just sitting there, unconnected, now.

But that's okay, it's just my "testing" computer, mostly. I use the Mac for everything, I only use the PC to view websites to see if they look okay in that environment. I also use it to do credit card processing, since that site won't work on Macs, but I guess if I have to do that before we figure out what to do about my PC, I can go find someone else's PC to do it on.

Most of us are on Macs, actually. Cello, me, Kristi, and the four creative guys are on Macs. John has PCs, and Dan and Eugene, both of whom are usually offsite working at client offices, share a PC.

Anyway. It's been a long couple of weeks. The guy who moved us last week is going to come in sometime this week, I think, and paint the offices that need it. Mine needs it the most desperately, I think. There was one wall that was almost covered with dark cork tiles. They had been there a long time, and some of them were warped and crumbling, so I pulled them off. They had been nailed to the wall with tiny nails, except for two tiles, which were glued to the wall. We figure they started gluing, then got tired and nailed the rest, although who knows?

So removing them left a million tiny nails, and removing the ones that were glued tore off the sheetrock. So it needs it badly.

I had thought they might paint before we moved in, but since they didn't, I thought, well, it will happen sometime. If I had realized it was going to be so soon, I might have left some of my furniture outside my office, because I'm obviously going to have to move everything at least away from the walls, if not completely out. The office is so small that I'm not sure they can get a ladder up against the wall with the desk in there. We'll see, I guess.

Bob left on Friday for his annual fishing trip to Minnesota. I always kind of look forward to it -- it's nice to have a week to myself once in awhile, nice to stay up late and watch television, eat out, not feel like I have to be home at a certain time. Although, really, I do what I want most of the time anyway, and eat what I want, and I can't really stay up that late without falling asleep on the couch . . .

I don't find myself lonely often; I'm perfectly comfortable with my own company, I have a lot of things that I can do by myself, and I love to sit and read, or knit, or surf the web on the computer. I have stacks of unwatched DVDs, and stacks of unread books (I'm on a "themed" mystery kick right now--I'll list them out in the next entry). So it's not like I have nothing to do. And it's kind of nice to have the bed to myself. I can stretch out. But this morning I woke up with the cats pressed up against me, just like always, so it doesn't really do me any good to have the bed all to myself.

I have a feeling it's going to be a long week.

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