Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Advent Calendar - Day 2

I'm having this struggle with what I carry back and forth to work. (Bob will laugh at this!) I've got a laptop for work now, which I carry home and back to work so I can work at home if I need to. It's really working out very well. Before, if I had a document that I thought I might need, I'd either email it to myself, put it on a thumbdrive, put it on my iDisk, etc. If I remembered. If I didn't, I was out of luck. So while I'd been avoiding it -- I liked my iMac at work with the big screen -- when Cello offered to buy me a laptop, I took the offer. Well, what he actually did was buy himself a new laptop and give me his old one, but that was fine. He's such an early adopter that his old stuff is never very old.

Before I had the laptop, I was carrying my big Franklin Planner -- big and heavy, but it wasn't any big deal until I started carrying the laptop, too. I carried them both for awhile, then decided to leave the planner at work since I hardly ever opened it up at home. But there are notes in there that I sometimes need, so it's been an ongoing dilemma.

This morning I had a meeting out of the office, but I was planning on going to the office first because I was riding with someone else. Then this morning, I had a voice mail that I needed to drive myself and meet there, which was fine -- I would just go directly to the meeting place, I had plenty of time. But then I realized that I'd left my planner in the office, so I had to go to the office first, go upstairs and grab it, then hurry over to the meeting place. I got there, and it was fine, but the traffic was bad, and I'd never driven there by myself and wasn't exactly sure where it was, so I was anxious.

And I still don't know what to do. Because after I stopped carrying the big work planner, I bought a small, compact size one for personal stuff, and I'd been carrying that. So now I feel like I should theoretically carry the laptop, the classic planner and the compact planner, so I'm even worse off now than I was before.

The struggles of the obsessive-compulsive personality . . .

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