Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Back to normal

I took Thursday and Friday off last week -- I needed a little break. Bob was still out of town on his annual fishing trip, and I took days off that week on purpose so that I could sleep late and have no responsibilities and no one else to worry about but myself.

I didn't really do anything major. I read several books, took myself out to lunch, shopped at a couple of bead stores, and made some jewelry. I also made some prayer beads. They aren't directed at any one particular religion, i.e., they're not rosaries, but I've used the Buddhist mala structure, just because I like the symmetry of it, and they're a good size to be portable. As soon as I take some pictures and write descriptions, I'll put them up here and also put some up in the shop.

I had intended to spend some time working with polymer clay, but I didn't. Mostly because it takes so much equipment! You wouldn't really think so, but for the kinds of things I like to make, I need stamps and ink and various kinds of tools, and to condition the clay, I use a pasta machine, and it's just a lot of stuff. When I'm doing beading, I can fill a bead board with beads and findings and sit down in front of the television and get a lot of things done. Working with clay is just a lot more labor intensive. It can certainly be rewarding, but I'm not at that point yet.

I went to lunch at a Mexican restaurant on Thursday, and that was nice. I took a book with me, and went late in the afternoon, and there was almost no one there. There was a table of what I assumed were new employees, tasting various dishes and learning about them. That was kind of interesting to listen to.

I stayed up late, and slept late, and it was a nice break. There weren't any phones where Bob was staying, and no cell phone towers, so he came into town a couple of times to call me. One night he called and asked what I was having for dinner, and I laughed and said tortilla chips and ice cream. (Not together.) He always says that things fall apart when he's gone, and that's kind of true.

I went out and saw my parents on Father's Day, and Bob came home that day, too, so everything is back to normal, or as normal as it ever gets around here.

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