Monday, December 22, 2008

Advent Calendar - Fallen Behind

Okay, so I've fallen behind on the Advent Calendar. But I have one more giveaway to do, so don't give up. Later today I'll update the calendar and bring it up to date for the last few days before Christmas.

Soap Giveaway

Using my highly scientific method of choosing a winner, I wrote everyone's name down on a notepad, cut them out individually, folded them up, put them in my Christmas candy dish, closed my eyes, held the bowl over my head so I couldn't cheat, and picked one. The winner was Monique! After Christmas, when things settle down a little, I think I'll put some of my handmade soap up in my Etsy shop, so if you didn't win (that would be everyone except Monique), and would like to try it, you'll have another chance.

Check the Advent calendar for this week, and be sure to check any days you missed from Week One and Week Two.

Click the thumbnail above to go to the Advent Calendar page. Once there, click on the number corresponding to the day of the month. Some of the days will have details on little contests or drawings, so check each day for a special note.

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