Monday, March 14, 2005


So, since the sale was still on at the Penney's Outlet, we went back out there tonight and bought a new chair:

It was the same price as the other one, well, a few dollars more, but they had a matching ottoman, and with the discount it ended up being just a little over $100, which I think is a pretty good price. And it's comfortable! We put the other one in the living room.

I really did sort of hate to spend the money, but I did need a chair, and I spend almost all of my time at home either in that chair or in my computer chair, as does Bob in his office upstairs. And we bought him a new computer chair a couple of weeks ago. So we should be set for awhile.

He had kind of an unpleasant dental appointment today, so he didn't feel much like eating, but we ended up at Sweet Tomatoes so he could have a bowl of soup, and I had a big salad--our big night out. But it was fun. We do have a good time just hanging out together. So lucky.

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