Thursday, October 20, 2005

Fever dreams

I've had the weirdest dreams lately.

Or maybe the dreams aren't any weirder than they usually are, maybe I'm just noticing them more because I'm sleeping lighter. We've been sleeping with the windows open, which I adore, but which also keeps me from sleeping deeply through the night, so I'm always waking up.

Last night I had several odd dreams, but I only remember one of them, which was really odd. I dreamed that Bob wanted me to kill him. It was because he was out of clean underwear. He insisted that if I would just kill him, he would come back to life, and when he did, he would have plenty of underwear. That didn't seem likely to me, so I was resisting, but he kept trying to talk me into it.

When I woke up this morning I told Bob about the dream, and he said that he had had a weird dream, too. He dreamt that there were mice in the house, specifically, purple mice, and they were dropping out of the exhaust fan in the bathroom. He was trying to keep it a secret from me because he knew I would freak out about it.

I was telling Cello about both of these dreams today, and he said, "What did you guys eat for dinner last night?!?" Which reminded me of Bob's dinner. He had made a lovely dinner for me--shrimp in a cheese sauce, and asparagus--but when I asked him if he had had any dinner himself, he said he had had a can of tuna mixed with cottage cheese, and saltines with strawberry jam. He got hungry around 10:00, and we went out and drove through McDonald's, where he got a couple of fish sandwiches and some fries, and I had an ice cream cone.

When I told Cello about the 10:00 p.m. McDonald's run, he said, "Yeah, the food there is like LSD." Maybe there's something to that.

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