Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Three of Pentacles

Card of the Day: Three of Pentacles

This card is from the Manga Tarot.

From the LWB: "Service: There is also honor in serving."

I got this card three times in a row over two days, so obviously it's something that I need to pay attention to. The Three of Pentacles focuses on a group, a team, rather than individual action. It also indicates competence, i.e., be proud of your good work even if it is as part of a team and not individually recognized. The traditional card shows a workman showing his progress his admiring bosses. Perhaps they are architects and he is carrying out their plans; they show that they are pleased with his competence at his job. You don't always have to be the boss, you can also achieve happiness and satisfaction by following the lead of someone else, as long as you concentrate on doing your own job well.