Saturday, August 12, 2006

But I'm not gay!

I heard (I guess I should say overheard) an interesting conversation at the beauty salon this morning. I went in to get my hair colored and cut, and while I was getting it cut, there was a guy sitting in the chair next to me having his hair cut. I didn't hear the first part of the conversation, because it apparently took place over at the shampoo station, but from what I heard, I deduced that he'd been out the previous night and some guy had hit on him. He was saying to the (gay) hairdresser, "But I'm not gay!"

He was saying that it wasn't the first time it had happened, and he didn't know why. He said he'd asked his sister, because she "knew a lot of gay guys" -- unfortunately, I didn't hear what his sister said. The hairdresser said, well, you're self-assured, and confident, and they feel comfortable approaching you -- which didn't make any sense at ALL to me. Just from his looks (and I know that's a snap judgement), I would have thought he was probably gay, too.

He was slender, wearing jeans and a tight black t-shirt, and when he spoke to the hairdresser, he leaned over close to him and covered his mouth with his hand and practically whispered in his ear.

He said to the hairdresser, "Did you think I was gay when you met me?" and the hairdresser said, "No, but I wished you were!" and they laughed, and I thought, yeah, right, you're not gay.

A few weeks ago I bought some instant green tea in individual servings (the ones that you pour into bottled water and shake up) at Target because they were on the clearance aisle. I thought it looked kind of intriguing, but frankly I was a little afraid to try it, so it just stayed up in the cabinet. I finally tried it, and I love it! It's Lipton Green Tea To Go -- I like the Mango Mandarin and the Cherry Blossom; I haven't tried the Lemon and Honey flavor. (I was afraid that it was on clearance because they'd stopped making it, which would be just my luck, but apparently it was because they've changed the box.)

I'm usually not crazy about iced tea, and I really don't like instant tea, but this is very light, slightly sweet, and really nice. I've been drinking a lot of it. Target had it on sale this weekend -- $1.99/box of ten, which probably isn't that great a deal if compared to brewing tea with a teabag, but not bad if you take the convenience factor into account.

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