Monday, August 11, 2008

No news

I spoke to the vet again this morning. I wanted to get a better understanding of the sequence of events. He said that they still haven't totally ruled out cancer, and the first place it metastasizes is the lungs, so they want to do a chest x-ray to see what her lungs look like. If they see cancer, then she wouldn't be a good candidate for surgery. If the x-ray looks okay, then they can do the dental surgery and take care of the abcessed tooth.

I called Bob, and took a few minutes to think about it, then called back and talked to the receptionist to schedule an appointment. At first, she said that she probably couldn't schedule the dental surgery until sometime in September, and I said unfortunately, I doubt if she'll last 'til September if we don't do something. So she put me on hold and talked to the doctor, and came back and said they could do it next week.

So I take her in on Tuesday and drop her off for x-rays and blood work, then assuming everything looks okay, take her back on Thursday for the surgery. She hasn't seemed like she wants to eat much the last couple of days. We can't tell, of course, whether she doesn't have any appetite or whether her mouth hurts. I've been giving her "gourmet" cat food with a lot of sauce on it, and she'll usually like off the gravy and leave the meaty bits, but this morning she didn't even want to do that. I think she's still losing weight. So, it's a worry.

And as far as me, I called the doctor's office last week and said that the cortisone injection hadn't seemed to have anything at all for my thumb, so could I go ahead and come in for another one, or, if the doctor doesn't think it would make any difference, schedule surgery.

But the nurse checked with the doctor, who said I had to wait the full four weeks; I asked if that was because it still might get better, or because I had to wait that long between injections, and she said the latter. So the same Tuesday that I'm taking Pye in, I have an appointment in the afternoon to see the hand doctor. I'll drop her off in the morning on my way to work, go to work, leave after lunch, pick her up, take her home, then go to the doctor. At least that's the plan.

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