Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Falling in love

Earlier, I posted a picture on the moblog of Dinah and Bob, and Liora commented that we (you) don't often see pictures of Bob with Dinah, that Pyewacket is always the one that's sitting on Bob's lap. That has been true until recently. Dinah has fallen in love with Bob, big time.

She still sleeps on my side of the bed, and she stakes out her territory on my lap in the mornings when I'm reading email before I go to work, but there are certain specific times that Bob--and no one else--will do.

Most evenings when I get home, Bob will have made my dinner and I'll sit at the dining room table to eat while he sits in my chair in the corner. This is prime cuddling time for Dinah--she'll rush from wherever she is to jump up into his lap as soon as she sees him sit down. She's a very wiggly cat, and she has definite preferences. She practically climbs him, and he has to hold her up in his arms. She won't just sit in his lap like she will with me--with him, she requires more active cuddling.

He has to hold her in his arms, and when he does, she tucks her feet in and settles down, sometimes as long as twenty minutes. It's pretty funny, actually. I'm not sure what happened, but she's decided that he's okay.

Pretty pictures of Pyewacket

When she's lying in the cat tree in the front window, she likes to brace one paw against the window screen.

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