Sunday, November 25, 2007

Birthday week

It was a pretty good week, all things considered. I definitely got some things accomplished, and got some good relaxation in.

On Monday I worked, finishing up some freelance projects and some of my own projects, on Tuesday I cleaned the house, Wednesday I got my driver's license renewed. On Thursday, Thanksgiving, I went out and had lunch with my parents. We did have turkey tv dinners, which was absolutely fine.

It was just me and my folks--my brother had Thanksgiving with his family, my sister who lives here, and her daughter, had dinner with her other daughter and her husband, and I don't know what my sister who lives in Denver did, I forgot to ask, but I imagine they had dinner with her in-laws.

My folks gave me an old salt-and-pepper shaker set for my collection, and some cash, and Bob's parents sent me a beautiful card with some cash, and Bob gave me some, too -- his came with the instruction to put it in my account in Second Life so I wouldn't feel like I was using our money for that, which I thought was sweet. And he came home last night with a card and one red rose. Romantic!

Barb sent me a DVD and CD and a Christmas ornament, and David sent me an Amazon gift certificate, which I redeemed on my birthday, so I'll have another birthday package coming next week.

On Friday . . . oh yeah, raked leaves. And worked some more on computer stuff. Yesterday, my birthday, I slept, and took myself out for a late lunch at Chipotle, and that was about it. I decided since it was my birthday, I didn't have to rake leaves, but today I did. I finished, finally, and came in and took a nap. For a small yard, we have a LOT of leaves.

I actually didn't get all that much sleep in, really. I stayed up pretty late several nights this week -- Sunday until 3:30! But Bob got up every morning to go to work, and I got up with him and made coffee and saw him off, and I don't think I went back to bed any of those days. It was tempting, though, when I'd go back upstairs and see this.

It was a pretty solitary week. Bob was off on Monday, then worked every day the rest of the week, including Thanksgiving. On Friday and Saturday he worked 'til 10:30. So I didn't see him much. Fortunately I'm pretty self-entertaining and have a fairly easy time finding things to occupy myself with.

Tomorrow, it's back to work. I guess that means I don't get to stay up until dawn . . .

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