Thursday, August 02, 2007

Forced to do nothing

I took Monday and Tuesday off this week--after the last couple of weeks I felt like I needed a few days off. So I had a nice, long four day weekend, and basically didn't do anything. Oh, I did buy tires.

One day last week, Monday or Tuesday, John left early, and called me from his car to tell me that one of the tires on my car was flat. As I was driving to work that morning, I'd heard something--thought I'd run over something--but looked back behind me and didn't see anything, so kind of forgot about it.

I went out to the parking lot to look, and the driver's side rear tire was totally flat. I have emergency roadside repair on my car's extended warranty, so I called Ford, and they sent someone out to change it. I called the dealership to see about coming in and having the flat repaired, or, if it couldn't be repaired, getting new tires, but the close at 6:00, and you can't make appointments, so theoretically I could have gone in at 7:00 a.m., but if there were a bunch of people there, I'd end up sitting for hours, and I just couldn't do that last week.

I called National Tire, and they had the same deal--first come, first served--but they didn't close until 8:00 p.m., so I was going to try to get there, but that just didn't happen, either. So I ended up driving on the doughnut all week. On Saturday, the first place I went was NTB, sat and waited for about an hour to have the tire repaired. I went back up to the counter after I'd put in the ticket, and said I'd forgotten to ask if they could rotate the tires, too, so I ended up waiting again, for that, and then the guy came and told me that I really should replace two of the tires. Not the one that had the flat, but the two on the front.

They were Pirelli's, so, even though I don't know a thing about tires, I thought they were good ones. But he said they're expensive, high performance tires, and they may be good, but they don't last very long. I've got less than 30,000 miles on that car, and shouldn't have had to replace the tires, but whatever. I did.

And that was basically the only major thing I did all weekend. It was nice. It's not like I usually spend my weekends doing anything terribly strenuous normally, but it was nice to have four days ahead of me with nothing in particular to do. It made sitting at the tire store for two hours not that big a deal. I had a book with me, and it was actually kind of nice to be stuck somewhere and forced to do nothing.

This weekend I also put a few new pieces of jewelry up at my Etsy shop. I have more to put up, but the photographing and posting take awhile. I suppose I should really get some pieces going that I can duplicate, so that I don't have to do every one individually, but that's sort of the charm of it -- one of a kind.

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