Sunday, January 29, 2006

Another Sunday morning

I spent yesterday morning and most of the evening cleaning out my closet. And it isn't finished yet. What a job! It had gotten way out of hand, and I'd had a landslide last week, so I knew most of this weekend was going to be devoted to taking care of it. I got everything up off the floor and dumped it on the bed and started weeding out what to keep, and what to give away (or throw away). I ended up with ten trashbags full of stuff to give away, and still too much stuff to fit into the closet. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Probably let it rest for awhile and do another purge in a few weeks.

I found a few things that I had absolutely no memory of, a few things that I had thought lost forever, and best of all, a couple of pairs of jeans that I had obviously abandoned because they were too small, but I can wear them now, so that's cool. Especially since I spent last weekend looking for jeans!

I needed jeans desperately, and I'd been putting it off. I had bought a couple of pairs when I first lost weight, and I'd practically worn them out. They're stretch denim, so they don't last as long as regular jeans, and I wasn't crazy about them, so I didn't want to buy more. Every time I'd be out shopping, I'd kind of take a cursory look, but just wasn't in the mood to try them on, since I knew I'd have to try on a bazillion pair.

But when I was resorting to wearing the old ones that were too big for me, because the others were just too shabby, I knew it was time. So I went to Kohl's and tried on about a dozen pair, and nothing fit right. The "rise," of course, is the problem--they're almost all "low rise" now, and even if I had the body for it, they're not comfortable at ALL. So I sucked it up and went to the mall. I went to Penney's, where I'd bought jeans in the past, hoping to find the same style, but no luck, of course. So I picked up a half dozen pair and went to try them on.

And wonder of wonders, I found a pair! Perfect (medium?) rise, perfect length (short), no gap at the back waistband, a little room in the legs ("relaxed" fit). And of course, it was the only pair in the store. And to top it all off, they didn't have a regular tag on them, just a handwritten one, like someone had bought them, torn off the tags, and returned them. So I don't know what style they are or anything, so I can find them again somewhere else. I can't tell for sure--sure enough to buy them online, for instance.

So it's back to the drawing board the next time I feel up to subjecting myself to the mall. But I do have one good pair now, and two from the back of the closet, so I should be okay for a little while.

Sunday afernoon

Today we went out and drove around, looking for a Salvation Army donation box or something. We found one placed by Planet Aid, and filled it up! It was a relief--I'd been worried what we were going to do with all of the clothes that I wanted to get rid of. I'd had bad luck in the past with calling places to come pick it up; I've called and had them not show up, and end up carting the stuff back inside--I know there are several more bags in the basement that I need to get rid of. Now that I know where the box is, I'll take them some more stuff soon.

Then we went to Sam's Club and bought shorts for Bob, and nuts, and Stephen King's latest, Cell, then we went to On the Border and had Margaritas and guacamole, then Bob poured me into the car and took me home, where I passed out for about three hours. What do they put in those things??

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