Saturday, November 19, 2005


I'm sitting here writing on our NEW COUCH. Yes, we have a couch again. How long has it been? A year, I think.

When I was out at my folks' house last weekend, they were talking about having so much stuff, and worrying about it, and saying they needed to get rid of things, and my mom was talking about having kept so many old things thinking that we would want them some day, but then realizing that we probably don't have any more room than they do (and we don't). They said, "Is there anything that you want or need?" and I said, jokingly, "How about a couch? That's really the only thing that I need," and they said, "Yes! Take ours, please."

I said, what? Are you kidding? and they said no, that Daddy had never liked their new couch (they had bought a new one a year or so ago), and Mom liked it, but it was really too large for their living room, stuck out too far. I said well, yeah. I'd love to have it, but had to ask them several times if they were sure. I said that I would ask Bob what he thought, and let them know, but I figured if I wanted it, Bob wouldn't have any objection, and he didn't.

I guess it's not exactly what I would have picked out if I had been picking, but it's fine, and it's a couch, and it was free, so what's not to like? It's practically brand new, they never really used it unless they had company, so it's hardly used at all.

Bob and John went out and picked it up today in John's pick-up. The cats checked it out thoroughly, of course.

It apparently passed muster.

Here's another cute guy who wasn't in the office the other day when I was testing out my camera, Dan:

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