Saturday, November 12, 2005

Personal chef

Bob's in the kitchen cooking, and I'm in here polishing my toenails and staying out of his way. We have a small kitchen, and there isn't room for two of us in there. I did the grocery shopping--he was waiting for vegetables and herbs that I was buying so he could make beef stew to take on a hunting trip tomorrow--and I was hungry when I got home, but I grabbed a banana and a jar of peanut butter and came in here with my snack while he started cutting things up.

I think once he gets the stew finished and it's cooking, I'm going to make Reubens for dinner. We had them one night last week and they were really good, and I still have some sauerkraut left that we might as well use up. We're also having Caesar salad--does that go with Reubens? Probably not.

I had a good day today. I did all my usual stuff, went to the library and the post office and the bank, I went to the gym and worked out, and I spent an inordinate amount of time at Target. I love Target, although I have to say I was disappointed to read this story about Target supporting its pharmacists who refuse to fill birth control prescriptions.

Liora wrote and asked about which iBook I bought; it's this one, the smallest (12") one. I had always wanted this one rather than the larger one--smaller=lighter/cuter--but also I've recently found out that the larger screen isn't as clear as the small one. It's larger size-wise, but not larger as far as resolution, so I'm very glad I made the decision I did.

When I had looked at them earlier, it cost considerably more (around $300 more) to get the dual drive, i.e., CD burner + DVD player, which is the main reason that I hadn't bought one before. $1,000 was pretty much my limit, so when I saw that the new models had larger hard drives (40GB), more memory (512 MB), faster processors (1.33 GHz), and the dual drive, all for a few cents under $1,000, I decided to go ahead and get it. It's a business expense, after all, so I can sort of justify it that way, also getting it before the end of the year made sense.

And Amazon was offering a $100 rebate on it. All in all, I'm very pleased with it and I think I made a great decision. Oh, and it comes wireless out of the box now, no additional Airport card, so all I had to do was turn it on, and I was immediately online using the wireless network that we already had installed at home for Bob (and at work--I'm wireless all the time on my G4 at work).

Later . . .

With all the cooking, Bob wasn't hungry, but I was, so he made me a Reuben and a bowl of soup, and now he's back in the kitchen cooking. It's awfully nice having my own personal chef.

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