Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkey TV Dinners

My birthday is Saturday, and in Kansas, driver's licenses expire on your birthday, and this was my year. That was one of the reasons that I took this week off. But Monday I didn't leave the house--I worked on the computer--and Tuesday I cleaned house, so I had to go today. And of course, today was the day that it snowed.

Not a lot of snow, of course, just enough to make it cold and miserable and wet. And on top of that, I had to stand in line at the driver's license office for over an hour. I'm not sure why it was so crowded; maybe it's that crowded all the time. I had originally thought, well, if it's too crowded I'll just go on Friday, but while I was there I saw that they were closed on Friday, so I'm glad I didn't decide on that plan.

It wasn't too bad, though. I took out my Palm and read the December issue of Asimov's, which had a new Connie Willis Christmas story in it, All Seated On the Ground, so I was content. It would have been nice if they'd handed out numbers or something, so we didn't have to actually stand for all that time, but oh well.

Yesterday after I cleaned the house I went down in the basement and brought up the wreaths--one for the front porch and one that hangs on the downstairs bathroom door, and I put up the Christmas card holder, ready for cards; which reminds me, I need to buy some cards . . . I guess I'm ready for the Christmas season. I've decided to try to make jewelry for all of my female relatives and friends, so I need to get started on that, I guess.

Bob has to work tomorrow--Christmas Day is the only day of the year that Bass Pro is closed--and I was just going to stay home. My folks' decided they didn't want to do a big Thanksgiving dinner, and I don't blame them. They said they were just going to have a turkey TV dinner. I'm not sure if that was true or not, but I thought that would be fine, although I did feel sort of sad about it. Then Mom called yesterday and asked what we were doing, and when I told her Bob was working, she said why didn't I come out and have a turkey TV dinner with them. So it will be a small little celebration.

We do have a turkey, I got a certificate for a free one from a client at work. So Bob bought one, and he's going to cook it tonight. It's huge, over twenty pounds, so maybe I can take some turkey out to my folks to supplement the TV dinners . . .

I redesigned the Phantom Stallion site over the past couple of months, and it just went live tonight:

It was a lot of work, but I think it turned out pretty well.

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