Monday, December 08, 2008

Advent Calendar - Day 8

We went to Bob's Christmas party last night, and Bob was named Associate of the Year! They choose an Associate of the Month each month, then at the end of the year one of those twelve is named Associate of the Year. This year was different in that they held a vote among all of the employees to choose who would be honored. Bob was extremely surprised.

The party was very nice. They had the food catered; it was appetizers -- fresh vegetables and dip, boiled shrimp, potato skins -- those were the things that I had, but there were other things also, some kind of chicken or beef on skewers, barbequed chicken drumsticks, just lots of interesting things. The employees all brought desserts, so there were LOADS of wonderful things. I made cheesecake brownies.

We had planned to go straight home after the party because Bob was getting a cold, but since he was the honored guest, we went out to a bar afterward with a few friends.

All in all, it was quite a night.

There's a new Advent calendar this week, but if you missed last week's, it's still here.

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