Saturday, February 18, 2006

El Malecon, 2006

When we went to Puerto Vallarta in 2002, the thing that I absolutely loved the most was El Malecon, the Boardwalk downtown on Playa Los Muertos, or "Beach of the Dead," the scene of a famous battle between gold and silver smugglers and villagers who tried take their stolen bounty from them, leaving the beach strewn with bodies.

The current Malecon is lined with huge bronze sculptures by several artists, both local and international. This one is called "La Nostalgia," and is by Ramiz Barquet:

This one is "Naturaleza como Madre," or "Nature as Mother," by Tapatio Adrian Reynoso:

My favorites, though, are the fantastical bronze chairs created by Alejandro Colunga. One of them was lost in Hurricane Kenna in the fall of 2002 after we were there, and was replaced by a different one. The name of the collection is "La Rotunda del Mar."

We found a bar/restaurant upstairs with a balcony and a beautiful view, and we had drinks and chips and guacamole, and I took more pictures.

And someone took one of me:

I loved this picture of Kelly and Craig, walking away down the Boardwalk:

We went shopping while we were there, and I bought a silver bracelet, and Bob bought me this beautiful terra cotta sun/moon sculpture for my "moon wall:"

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