Friday, April 25, 2008


This will be short -- I'm sitting at my desk with the laptop balanced on my lap, unable to really move because I've got the ethernet cable stuck in the side, but it won't snap in, so if I change position, it loses the connection. The desktop computer (the eMac) has stopped working again; it will start up, then after an unpredictable amount of time, sometimes a day or more, sometimes about five seconds, the screen will start flashing and then die.

I don't think it's the computer itself, but the display, that's faulty, but since the eMac is an all-in-one unit, there's no way to really test that. So I'm going to have to take it in to the Apple store and have them look at it, and decide whether it's worth it to have it fixed or not. Unless the cost is completely prohibitive, I think it is, since I haven't had any trouble with the computer otherwise, but I guess we'll see.

And I probably mentioned awhile ago that one of the Apple OS updates a few months ago broke my wireless connection. If it was only me, maybe I'd go buy an Apple Airport base station, but I'm not a "hardware" kind of person--i.e., I'm very hesitant to attent to set something like that up--and since Bob's wireless is working, I really don't want to screw that up. I've been camping on to someone else's wireless, but that seems to no longer work, hence sitting at the desk, shackled to the desk, basically . . .

Ah well. Anyway, this is more or less a partial explanation for fewer updates and a longer email response time. It's just really difficult, and I'm trying not to kill my back since I can't actually sit in a comfortable chair with the laptop currently, or at least not be connected and do that. The other night I was able to get the desktop to stay viable long enough to copy some files off onto a thumbdrive, but I haven't been able to get it to stay up long enough to work on it since then.

Also, work is BUSY and my days are tending to last at least until 7:00 or 7:30, so by the time I get home I don't have much inclination to try to figure out the computer stuff. Maybe this weekend, although I'm not sure what I can really do, since the modem cable is only so long . . . I'll get it figured out one way or another, but I'm just not sure when or how long.

I just tried to publish this, and the connection isn't working at all now. I don't understand why. It's discouraging.

On another note, the reason my days at work are longer is that my job has changed. Rather than doing development, I've moved into a scheduling position. We've gotten large enough now that we needed someone to keep track of basically everything that's going on in-house, so that's me. I spend most of my days either in meetings or walking around talking to everyone, seeing what they're doing, making new assignments, and just basically making sure that everything gets done on time.

So the way it works out is, after 6:00 or so, I sit down and sort through email, and end up getting home around 8:00. And oh, apropos of nothing, did I ever mention that Matt, from the long-ago Lynqs days, is working at P3 now? I don't think I did. I didn't want to mention it when he was interviewing with us, and I think I failed to ever say anything about it. Through a series of coincidences--I hadn't talked to him in years, but he made a comment to a journal entry, I followed the comment to his blog, found out that he was getting laid off, and we were in a position to think about hiring another developer, and it all worked out.

I'm sure the computer thing will all work out, too . . .

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