Saturday, August 20, 2005


The older I get, the more elusive sleep becomes. I can remember when I was living in my first apartment, I would sleep all day on the weekends. I can vividly remember waking up, turning over, and going back to sleep multiple times, and sleeping past noon.

Now it seems if I wake up early in the morning, it's almost impossible for me to go back to sleep. Sometimes I can accomplish it, but less and less. This morning Bob got up early to get ready to go play in a golf tournament, and I dozed while he was showering and dressing, and I tried to go back to sleep after he left, but I just couldn't. What I probably should have done was take a book up to bed with me last night; if I had been able to grab a book off my nightstand and read for a half hour or so in bed, I might have been able to go back to sleep.

It doesn't matter, really, but it just seems like a shame to me to get up at 7:00 on a Saturday, just like I do during the week. Oh well.

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