Monday, May 07, 2012

Great weekend

We had a really nice weekend, and we hardly did anything, but that's the way I like it! When I got home Friday night, Bob suggested that we go out to dinner, and we ended up at Cinzetti's, an Italian buffet-type restaurant. I had a couple of plates of some really excellent Caesar salad, a little fried zucchini, a little pasta Alfredo, and a little of a potato dish, and that was basically it except for a few little pieces of dessert--a cannoli and a small molten chocolate cake. Oh, and bread. They have this wonderful, light garlic/cheese bread, and I had a couple of pieces of that. It was more expensive than most places we go lately--with tip, it ended up being almost $50, and we only drank iced tea--but it was fun, and we hardly ever do that anymore. And I didn't overeat, which is such a temptation at a place like that.

This was Bob's weekend off, so on Saturday we slept late, then Bob went out to the golf course to hit balls and I went to Panera for lunch (another Caesar salad!), and sat and read on my iPad for awhile. I got involved in the "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" series over the weekend, and read the first three books and part of the fourth. Then I ran a few errands and went home, and spent the afternoon and early evening reading, and went to bed early.

On Sunday we slept in (again), did laundry and went to Schlotsky's for lunch. My Dad called in the evening and asked if we were watching television--there was a tornado warning for our area, but the sirens hadn't gone off. I scooped up Dinah and my purse, and we headed for the basement. Dinah wasn't happy--she likes the basement if it's her choice, but she doesn't like to be confined down there. It rained really hard, hailed a little, but the tornado didn't materialize. It's always kind of fun to retreat to the basement, I think. I don't, of course, want a tornado, but it's something different, and it's kind of like camping. It makes me remember when I was a kid and we spent most of the summer in the basement, since we didn't have air conditioning.

Bob found a weather report on the radio, and I was perfectly happy snugged up in the bed down there with Dinah and the iPad. Bob went upstairs to scope out the situation, and called me (!) to tell me that it was hailing, but that the tornado warning was apparently over. So we went back upstairs and had ice cream for dinner and watched "Bell, Book and Candle."

The end.