Monday, May 29, 2006

Good book

I read a great book today -- California Demon, by Julie Kenner. The subtitle is "The secret life of a demon-hunting soccer mom." It's a follow-up to last year's Carpe Demon ("Adventures of a demon-hunting soccer mom").

They're both quick, fun reads; they'd be perfect for the beach or, like today, a rainy day inside. You know pretty much all you need to know from the titles. A young mother was a "Hunter" in her previous life; her husband, also a Hunter, died, she retired, remarried, and has been doing her best to be a normal wife and mother, but those darn demons keep showing up and, you know, someone has to save the world . . .

Kate Conner has a politician husband, a teenage daughter and a toddler son, so her days are pretty full with PTA functions, volunteering at the local retirement home, attending (and hosting) dinner parties, showing up at school assemblies, and not incidentally, killing a few nasty demons who have taken up residence in some otherwise normal-seeming people. Bad breath is the main clue that someone may not be who they seem, also, an aversion to holy water. The books are certainly more "chick lit" than horror -- humorous, too. I highly recommend them.

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