Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I talked to the vet this morning. He said they got the test results back, and the thyroid tests were fine, but her white cell count is still low, and they don't know why. I should have asked more questions, but they always call early in the morning and I just couldn't think. I need to call him back.

Anyway, he said it was a mystery (this was the younger vet), but that I should go ahead and schedule her for dental surgery after we finish the antibiotics. He also said that they would want to do a chest x-ray before surgery. I can't really remember what they said when I was there -- something like some cancers settle in the lungs, and they would want to rule that out before doing surgery.

So I feel like I don't really know anything more than I did before, although at least they're not saying that it's definitely cancer, and not having a thyroid problem is, I guess, good, but then why is she losing weight? Certainly if she has a bad tooth, you would expect weight loss because it was hurting her to eat, but we haven't noticed anything like that.

I think she's probably got another couple of days' worth of antibiotics to take -- it's hard to tell, because it's a liquid -- then I guess I'll make another appointment to take her in.

And an update on me -- the "trigger thumb" is no better at all, in fact it may be slightly worse. So apparently the cortisone injection didn't do anything at all. I'll probably call the doctor late in the week and see what she thinks, whether it would be worthwhile to do another cortisone injection, or whether I should just schedule surgery. I definitely don't want to do it, but I'm afraid there isn't any other choice.

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