Wednesday, December 02, 2015

The Queen of Pentacles

Card of the Day: Queen of Discs (Pentacles).

This (and all the cards this month) is from the Ceccoli Tarot.

From the LWB: "One who gives abundantly of all of life's sweetness. Generous and motherly, a resource for wealth."

This Queen is sensible, down to earth, matter-of-fact. She doesn't have the time or the inclination for a lot of foolishness. Loyal, steadfast and trusting, she just takes care of things without worrying too much about it. She's nurturing, but she won't put up with a lot of your nonsense. A lover of nature, she represents involvement with the physical world, reliability, pragmatism, success, security, wealth.

In readings, the Queen of Pentacles may represent someone currently in your life or someone that you may meet. All of the Pentacles cards represent money or finances in some way; the Queen is strong, affectionate, nurturing and wise. She is financially secure and spends money wisely, but is not particularly frugal. She enjoys the things that her wealth brings, i.e., a beautiful home, gifts for her family, the ability to pamper herself with beauty treatments--maybe a spa day or two.