Thursday, August 23, 2007


C/o Photo Booth and my iMac at work.

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Last night I got home around 7:30; Bob was already home, and he had picked up a sandwich for his dinner. He said, "Why don't you get something to eat, relax a little bit, then let's go out for ice cream." So I microwaved some leftover pizza, sat down at the computer and checked my email and blogs, then went upstairs and asked if he was still up for ice cream.

He was tired -- he's been working long hours, with no days off for the next two weeks, but he said sure, as long as I drove.

He wanted a chocolate malt, and he likes the ones from Culver's, so I checked to see if I had any coupons, and I did -- two for one. On the way out the door, he saw the Harry Potter CD box that I'd brought in after I finished the book in the book in the car, and he picked it up to take with us. He said he wanted to hear the ending again.

So I drove out to Culver's, and left him in the car while I went in to order. We listened to the end of the book again, and I drove around for awhile so he could hear most of it. I still think that it's a wonderful book, probably the best one she's written, but I know that Jim Dale's reading really makes it come to life.

I still haven't seen the latest movie; maybe during Bob's marathon work week next week, I'll go see it. Although, probably not. I'll probably wait for the DVD.

Not much else going on, really. We've both been working a lot, cross paths for a short time in the evening, then he goes to bed early so he can get up early --sometimes before dawn. But it's all good. He still enjoys it, and I love my job, of course, so it's no hardship. The housekeeping suffers, I suppose, but I never made any claim to be great at that anyway. Sometimes it's just good to have an excuse for why it doesn't get done. ;)

Last week one day Shane brought his dog Clark to work. Clark is part Lab, part . . . something else that I can never remember. Something HUGE. He's a great dog -- very gentle, actually, even though he looks intimidating. Jojo was enthralled by him, and wanted to play, but was a bit timid around him, as she should be.

Today, on the other end of the spectrum, Dixie, Jeff's girlfriend's teacup Yorkie is here. She's about the size of Clark's nose. She fits in the palm of my hand. And she's a sweetheart, too.

When I think of the things that make me happiest, one of the things is having the dogs here at work. Jojo has taken over the couch and is basically the princess of the place. She gets a chew toy and takes it up on the couch with her, chews for awhile, then naps there. It really adds something special to have animals here. I think it contributes to the atmosphere, and probably helps keep our blood pressure down.

Whenever I'm having a rough day, Bob will call and say, "Go hug Simon," and that really does help. Hugs always help.

Last night, before I left work, I heard the guys gathering in the kitchen, and I went out to see what they were doing. They had a bottle of absinthe -- I don't know where it came from, but Kurt's birthday was yesterday, so it may have been a gift. Dave offered me his glass, and I had a taste. It smelled like licorice and tasted -- this is the only comparison I could come up with -- like Nyquil.

I just had a small sip, but I could feel it. I said, "So, do you go blind, or insane?" Someone said they thought maybe both, but someone else said you were supposed to see hallucinations. As he was leaving, I heard one of the guys say he was disappointed, that he had hoped to see fairies flying around. That would have been a bonus, yes.

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