Sunday, January 10, 2010

Quiet evening

I went out to see my parents today, and my sister came by for a little while, so that was nice. I had lunch with them, then I came home and made sour cream chicken and carrot salad for dinner. Now I've got laundry going, Bob's upstairs watching television in his office, and Dinah is snoozing in the chair in the corner of the bedroom. A nice, quiet evening.

As soon as I finish writing here, I'm going to go upstairs and hole up in the bedroom and read Under the Dome on my iPhone. I'm about halfway through it, and really enjoying it.

It's apparently supposed to warm up some this week, so the several foot high piles of snow may melt sooner than we thought. I just hope that it doesn't get bitterly cold again before it dries up, or we'll have ice instead of snow, which I really don't like. I can deal with the snow, it's ice that scares me.

My picture-a-day Flickr set is growing. I've been playing around with quite a few iPhone photography apps. The two that I'm especially enjoying are Best Camera and Hipstamatic. This is a photo of my parents' house taken with Hipstamatic. Isn't it dramatic?


Next week I'm going to do a post on my iPhone blog about all of the various iPhone camera apps. The difference in the two I just mentioned is that with Best Camera, you take a picture like normal, then apply various filters to it. With Hipstamatic, you're taking the picture through the app, using different virtual lenses and films. I like them both, but I kind of like the randomness and unpredictability of the Hipstamatic pictures. My obsessive-compulsive self, though, is thinking about making a cheat sheet so I can remember exactly what effects each filter, lens, film, etc., produces.

Here's a portrait of Jojo that I made using Best Camera filters:


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